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Click on the following three pictures to see a closer view, along with a description:
In the top left corner of the picture is information (which is easier to read after you click on the image) on Antares, including the angle in which you can see it.  The first two pictures are your view when looking to the southeast.
Antares as viewed from Earth at 8AM Dec. 9th
Image on left zoomed in.

Facts about Antares

Antares is a red supergiant.
Magnitude: 1.05
Absolute Magnitude: -5.29
Distance From Earth: About 600 Light Years  37,943,805 Astronomical Units
Temperature: 3,600° Kelvin     6,020.3° Fahrenheit     3,326.85° Celsius
Spectral Class: M1.5Iab
Luminosity: 65,000L
Click here for some more facts on Antares! 


Click the picture for some more pictures of Antares!
Antares is shown here in yellow, in the top left corner. It is a class M red super giant and is the 16th brightest star in our galaxy. Antares lies in the constellation Scorpius 600 light years away. It is 15-18 solar masses compared to our suns solar mass of 1, it's radius is 800 times that of our sun's.

Here is a short video with some interesting facts about Antares!

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