Stella Estrella Astronomy Club
core |kôr|nounthe tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds an apple core.the central or most important part of something, in particular• [often as adj. the part of something that is central to its existence or character managers can concentrate on their core activities the plan has the interests of children at its core.• an important or unchanging group of people forming the central part of a larger body.• the dense central region of a planet, esp. the nickel–iron inner part of the earth.• the central part of a nuclear reactor, which contains the fissile material.• a tiny ring of magnetic material used in a computer memory to store one bit of data, now superseded by semiconductor memories.• the inner strand of an electrical cable or rope.• a piece of soft iron forming the center of an electromagnet or an induction coil.• an internal mold filling a space to be left hollow in a casting.• a cylindrical sample of rock, ice, or other material obtained by boring with a hollow drill.• Archaeology a piece of flint from which flakes or blades have been removed.verb [ trans. ]remove the tough central part and seeds from (a fruit) peel and core the pears.PHRASESto the core to the depths of one's being she was shaken to the core by his words. • used to indicate that someone possesses a characteristic to a very high degree he is a politician to the core.DERIVATIVEScorer nounORIGIN Middle English : of unknown origin.